“Tiny Tim was known for his love of old music, but…his new release may have gone back even further than the late singer could have ever expected.It’s just too bad Tiny Tim isn’t around to see this. You know he’d love it.” – Steve Marinucci, The Examiner

“Earlier this year, some statistics emerged that although young people were responsible for the surge in vinyl sales, almost a third didn’t own a turntable to play the records they were buying. If octogenarians are to be responsible for the resurgence of the Edison or phonograph cylinder, chances are they won’t have a phonograph player either. Taking the 21st century obsession with retro sound carriers to a new level, Tiny Tim obsessive Justin Martell is set to cut previously unreleased material from the late American ukelele enthusiast’s archive to phonograph cylinder – “a medium that hasn’t seen a wide release in close to 100 years by a major recording star.” -The Vinyl Factory

“Who knows, perhaps the wax cylinder is the next retro-tech to get a niche craze, following the devotion to vinyl records and lomography into the 21st century. Now someone just needs to start creating phonographs for them to be played on.” – Allison Meier,

“By WWI, even Edison had given up on cylinders, moving to a rotating disc similar to Berliner’s invention. Cylinders disappeared…Until now…” – Alan Cross, Professional Music Geek

“In a wonderful bit of news for far-gone vinyl collectors looking to up the stakes on unnecessary depths of obscurantism, the Ship to Shore Phonograph Company is releasing a version of “Nobody Else Can Love Me (Like My Old Tomato Can)” cut by musician/antiquarian/delightful freakshow Tiny Tim – on the utterly obsolete Edison Cylinder format.” –


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